The Ritual: Meaning amidst the Mundane

Speed is relative.

You don’t really know how fat you’re going until you slow down.

It’s easier than ever to lose sight of this. Peripheries blurred, pasts deserted, our distorted worldviews are given little chance to recoup.

Enter–the Ritual.

The ritual is a safeguard for sanity–A meditation on the present moment.

It offers a compelling argument for you to slow down–to pause and consider how fast you’re going.

In a world where feigned substance competes for our attention, a ritual is a necessary part of the equation that keeps us from tearing at the seams.

It’s produce: a still moment–carved out of the chaos of life. It staves off external distraction just long enough to let the elusive current of consciousness flow.

This current is where that which lurks beneath the surface begins to rise. It’s where thoughts–incoherent streams of hopes, dreams, doubts, and fears–swirl.

The point is not to resist.

The point is not to exhaust.

The point is to notice–to pay attention and observe.


Hone your ritual.