By the time the Titanic’s First Officer ordered the ship to divert course and avoid the obstacle, it was too late. The unsinkable suffered from the unthinkable. The Titanic’s right side had struck an iceberg, piercing five of its watertight compartments. As water filled the now faulty compartments, the ship sank slowly. Over a thousand …

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Humans are complex and unbelievably difficult to understand. Fundamental truths about human nature can be conveyed through nearly anything, but fiction proves to be an ideal medium for the illustration of truths, as the writer occupies the role of a master of destiny. If desired, a writer can amplify the effects, feelings, and ideas in …

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Beyoncé and the Auditory Double Entendre

A literary quirk in the english language can be applied to extract meaning from Beyoncé’s trap-fusion banger and provide additional perspective. Beyoncé’s ultimate call to action on ‘Formation’ is a remainder that we should not limit ourselves to the platforms currently available to us.