Hi, I'm Alex Belser

I spend a lot of time reading, thinking, and learning.

In college I studied economics and marketing, and I realized that there’s a ton of research that could improve our lives. I also realized that much of it will never make it outside of the academic world.

I’m trying to change that by digging into the research and sharing what I learn by writing and making videos that might be a bit more engaging than your average 42-page academic paper.

I’m most interested in uncertainty, decision making, and learning how to learn. Most content I produce will focus on those topics, but I’m deeply curious about most things so you will see the occasional wild card.

This bio wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that I’m a huge music and coffee nerd. There’s always time to brew up a wave and turn to the deep cuts.



I write a fortnightly (at best) newsletter, sharing useful ideas from the world of economics/decision science (in plain english). Interested?