Alex Belser


However you stumbled onto my website, I’m glad to have you here!

This is the online hub where all of my work lives. You’ll find some articles. You’ll find some videos. You’ll find lots of thoughts and ideas.

Feel free to hang out awhile and browse around. Should you read an article or watch a video that piques your interest, I’d love to have you join the Intermittent Diversion mailing list.

About me.

I grew up in Wyoming with some great parents and a stellar sister. I went to the University of Wyoming and graduated with degrees in Marketing and Economics. I was part of the Honors Program and I minored in Decision Science.

I chose to study Marketing because I was fascinated with stories and communication. And I chose to study Economics because I was fascinated with models, theory, and irrationality. 

What I do.

I read books. I make videos. I write articles. I record podcasts. I make music.