Howdy, I'm Alex Belser!

I spend a lot of time reading, thinking, and learning.

In college I studied economics and marketing, and I realized that there’s a ton of research that could improve our lives. I also realized that much of it will never make it outside of the academic world.

I’m trying to change that by digging into the research and sharing what I learn by writing and making videos that might be a bit more engaging than your average 42-page academic paper.

I’m most interested in uncertainty, decision making, and learning how to learn. Most content I produce will focus on those topics, but I’m deeply curious about most things so you will see the occasional wild card.

When I’m not working on creative projects, I’m likely to be drinking coffee, listening to records, or exploring some singletrack via mountain bike.


I occasionally send a newsletter sharing my work. If thought provoking videos + writing about decision making are your jam, then feel free to sign up via the magical box below.